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Queer Edge Turns One and is Throwing a Huge Party to Celebrate

02/07/24, 11:00

Team Nonchalant


It’s been one whole year since Queer Edge threw what they thought would be a small, one-off party that has since snowballed into one of the most amazing instances of community.

When Founder EJ held the first party to create a space that excluded nobody and gave to everybody, regardless of age, gender or sexuality, she didn’t realise how big the demand would be for something new and more inclusive.

To celebrate turning one, they are throwing a big birthday bash on their first anniversary, 5th July, to party through the night. With an incredible lineup, including Michaelle Manetti, DJ Bekefi, Bryony Masters and Chester Hayes, this is not one to miss.

It’s also worth noting that QE Give, invites local residents who need financial or peer support to apply, and Queer Edge will donate/help however they can.

Happy Birthday QueerEdge, we’ll see you there!

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