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Women of the Wick - Community Highlight

28/06/23, 11:00

Women of the Wick

Women of the Wick

Meet EJ the magic behind East London's hottest new queer night in Hackney Wick

“We started Queer East to provide a new a safe space for everyone to let loose and have fun, irrespective of age, gender or sexuality. I'm 37 (not old, right?) but I often feel it amongst the average age in gay venues these days... We wanted to raise the bar where EVERYONE feels welcome and supported, so we decided to launch a new queer night offering exactly this. It fills the gap between a bar and a rave - more upbeat than your average cocktail bar, but not as loud or laden as a techno rave - making it the perfect space to make friends and connect with new people within the LGBTQ+ community.”

What can we expect from the next Queer East night on 7th of July?

“Vibrant energy, amazing music, and euphoric love. There's a dedicated table with sunflowers on it for those you are new, alone, nervous, or just want a cuddle, so expect a space that will welcome you with open arms, and will introduce you to other people within the LGBTQ+ community, should you wish. Expect an inclusive safe space celebrating self-expression and freedom. Expect queer joy, kindness, and lots of fun!”

As it’s officially Pride Month, EJ concludes her thoughts what the celebration means to her:

“For me Pride means protest, freedom, unity, and love. It's a day that says ‘I have a right to be here,’ an expression of belonging sharing the same experience with other people like us. This can make many feel less lonely because it's a day we're not seen as different. And of course it means, fabulousness absolutely everywhere!”

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