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Cabaret Provocateur

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Cabaret Shows featuring Drag Burlesque Circus for London and Surrey

These evenings of opulence are the brainchild of brother and sister duo Danny and Shayla Ash (aka Petit Pois). Originally from Surrey, our shared love of the stage led us to explore the world of cabaret. Over the years, we became award-winning performers, getting to perform all over the world, and were inspired to recreate that magic in our hometown.

Our passion for cabaret has led us to bring London's finest stars and fellow award-winning performers to the charming suburbs of Surrey just for you. We've got lavish costumes, high energy dances, spellbinding vocals and, of course, good old fashioned cabaret. If you're looking for a night of sparkle, laughter and pure indulgence, join us at a Cabaret Provocateur evening near you!


Shayla Ash




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