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QE - Give Out Partnership

Updated: Jul 3

If you have ever engaged with Queer Edge (QE) in any capacity - whether you have attended their iconic parties or used their co-working space - you know their ability to garner queer joy and community is like nothing else. QE lives to make LGBTQIA+ people’s lives better, and that is why they have launched their “QE GIVE” initiative where they partner up with national and international charities that help members of the LGBTQIA+ community, making QE’s impact even more tangible.

QE are proud to announce they have partnered with the award winning international charity, Give Out, a community foundation that enables people to donate to one place that then supports LGBTQIA+ activism worldwide. They pool all the donations to provide grants for LGBTQIA+ organisations, ensuring they have the resources to defend the community, tackle inequalities and campaign for lasting change. 

This is an incredibly useful resource for people who want to contribute and help the community but are overwhelmed at the sheer abundance of information and different organisations there are. Give Out makes it easy for us know our money will go towards making a difference in a variety of different areas within the community, but specifically for LGBTQIA+ legislation. They support over 40 different organisations who are working around the world to eliminate discriminatory laws, policies and practises, changing the way queer people are treated on a fundamental level. 

This is especially pertinent in the Global South and East as most LGBTQIA+ advocacy is hindered by the substantial policies and laws that make fundraising difficult. However, even countries like the United States which claim to be progressive, are passing more anti-LGBTQIA+ bills than ever. In 2023, there was a record number of bills passed within the USA, with at least 510 bills introduced that threatened the quality of life of the LGBTQIA community, specifically regarding education and healthcare.

QE is thrilled to be able to provide Give Out another platform and raise awareness around the crucial and life-changing work they are doing. Ultimately, QE’s goal is to work towards real, lasting change and engaging and supporting with charities like Give Out will ensure they are one step closer to achieving this. As a member of our community, anytime you engage with us, you are supporting the causes we stand behind. On top of the donation QE have committed to give, we also offer you the opportunity to donate directly to the charity when buying your QE ticket every month. 

If you want to learn more about Give Out and the admirable and amazing work they are doing, click here to be directed to their website. 

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