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QE- Partnership with Galop

The Queer Edge philosophy is to create an inclusive, accepting environment that fosters community and ensures our members are thriving. Regardless of age, sexuality or gender, QE believe everybody deserves to have a safe space where every voice is celebrated. In order to not simply just survive, but thrive, QE have launched their “QE GIVE” initiative where they partner up with national and international charities that help members of the LGBTQIA+ community to do just that - thrive in a world that is not yet safe for us. 

QE are proud to announce they have partnered with the national charity, Galop, who have decades of experience dealing with people who have suffered from domestic, sexual and violent abuse, hate crimes, forced marriage, conversion therapies and all other types of violence. Galop sees a 60% increase in hate crime during pride months which is sadly part of our Queer reality. They offer a helpline where they can provide:

  • Advice and support to help you and others to be safer 

  • An opportunity to discuss any kind of hate crime including the options available to you 

  • Advice on your rights and options 

  • Ongoing emotional support 

  • Urgent help, including medical support, even if you’re not sure about talking to the police 

  • Assistance and advocacy around navigating the criminal justice system 

  • Information on safety and emergency housing options 

  • Referrals or signposting to specialist or local LGBT+ services and organisations 

  • Translation services are available to those who do not have English as a first language, and we can access a BSL interpreter if you are deaf / have a hearing impairment.

QE are so honoured to be able to help Galop with their mission to make the lives of LGBTQIA+ members better. They offer a safe, confidential and informed space for anyone to come seek help - ultimately Galop wants to increase choice and control for their clients. 

Galop have reported a 37.5% increase in reported anti-LGBT hate crimes in the last 2 years alone - yet this is excluding the Government’s own research that the “dark figure” as it’s referred to (the number of unreported crimes) is 90%. This is why it’s essential to have charities like Galop, a place where members of our community feel safe to seek sanctuary and support. 

The reason QE have decided to partner up with charities like Galop is they want their reach and impact to go beyond their little corner in Hackney Wick. QE not only want to provide joy and community through their parties and events, but they also want to provide safety and camaraderie that extends beyond their walls. And allowing the opportunity to donate directly to Galop on top of QE’s committed donation does exactly that. 

Know that when you support QE in any capacity, whether that is attending their parties, using the Queer Yellow Pages, choosing their co-working spaces to grind for the day, donating or just connecting with them on social media, you are supporting amazing charities, including Galop, who are changing people’s lives. There is an option to donate directly to Galop too when buying your QE ticket every month. Just select them at the charity donation option.

If you find yourself in need of Galop’s amazing services, please click here, to be directed to their website. You can also email them at  or call their helpline directly at +44(0) 800 999 5428.

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