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Queer Edge One Year Anniversary

Updated: Jun 5


It’s been one year since Queer Edge threw what they thought would be a small, one-off party that has since snowballed into one of the most amazing instances of queer joy and community. When Founder, EJ, threw the first party to create a space that excluded nobody and gave to everybody, no matter your age, gender or sexuality, she didn’t realise how big the demand would be for something new and more inclusive. This year has been so special for everybody involved in any capacity - whether you’ve joined them for any or all the Queer Edge parties, used their co-working space to connect with others whilst working, or used their Queer Pages to find and support local queer businesses. Whatever role you have had in the Queer Edge community, thank you for your presence, support, and love.

To celebrate they are of course throwing a big birthday bash on their one year anniversary, 5th July, to party through the night, celebrating their bad-ass and amazing community.


And what a whirlwind of achievements within a year there’s been, to celebrate:

7th May 2023: Debut

At this point they didn’t know we’d refer to this as the “debut night”, they just thought it would be a great one-off queer party with all of their mates, inviting local queer residents too.

7th July 2023: First monthly party

This is the date QE consider as their first anniversary as this was the beginning of their wonderful once-a-month parties - they couldn’t believe the amount of amazing people that showed up, bringing the most electric and positive energy that made the party as magical and unforgettable as it was.

1st December 2023: Introducing pay-what-you-can

Up until this, all QE parties had been free admission, but to save the project from crippling debt they implemented a pay-what-you-can admission system, sustaining the events long into the future whilst still keeping the parties totally affordable. With original tickets starting from a pound, you can go for an entire night out cheaper than a mars bar! Their ethos is to create queer spaces that are accessible to everybody- not just those with disposable incomes, which is especially needed with the maddening gentrification around Hackney Wick.

February 2024: Introducing queer co-working

In a bid to increase their offering to the queer community, QE brought to us another all inclusive safe space - a creative and affordable coworking hub in East London where the queer community can come together day and night.

March 2024: Queer Pages

This development is a personal favourite of QE - they created an online business directory for queer-run businesses and freelancers, making it super easy for the queer community to find and support each other. There’s a multitude of reasons why this is a great platform, from residents safety to supporting local, which you can read more on here. Eventually, QE wants to introduce “trade-swap”, which will encourage the community to give to each other without spending anything. E.g a marketer could design some artwork for a barber, in turn getting a free haircut. It’s a socialist’s dream!

March 2024: Name change

QE had a little identity change baby! They changed their name from Queer East to Queer Edge (maintaining their common abbreviation of QE) for a few reasons. First and most importantly, there was already a queer East-Asian film festival called Queer East and QE didn’t want to take away from their incredible work, wishing to uplift and support all queer organisations. Queer East is a cross-disciplinary film festival that showcases LGBTQ+ cinema, live arts and moving image work from East and Southeast Asia. Please pop over to their page to show your love and support here. Secondly, from speaking with their community they realised their work and impact to create love, belonging and safety goes far beyond East London - especially since working with global and national charities, their initial name just didn’t encapsulate the far reaches of their work. “Edge” has a multitude of layers that make it the perfect name change; we’re on the edge of a queer revolution! And lastly, EJ grew up in Southampton’s one and only gay club, you guessed it, The Edge!

April 2024: QE Live

QE launched their first Live event, giving the platform to 6 incredibly talented queer musicians, supported by a brilliant comedian MCing. Similar to their first debut, this was a one-off event to test the waters, but given it was another max-capacity event in another stunning riverside venue, we can be sure we’ll be enjoying such eargasms on the regular very soon!

May 2024: QE Give

QE are extremely proud to have launched QE Give this month where they have partnered with LGBTQ+ charities that are very close to their hearts, including Give Out and Galop. Head to the article “QE Give”  to learn more!

June 2024: Pride in London

Pride is around the corner and QE are so excited to have been given the main stage at Leicester Square where they’ll be putting on a totally queertastic performance, followed by a 10 minute speaker slot. Embodying their own QE values, they have given this platform to their charity partner Give Out to spread awareness of their cause.

July 2024: Queer Edge turns one

Get ready to celebrate QE’s one year anniversary with them the only way we know how - loud, fun and queer! They’re throwing a birthday bash you’ll have a hard time forgetting, no matter how many tequila shots you decide on downing that night!

Founder, EJ says, “What a sensational year it has been, I’ve been so touched and overwhelmed by the love and support our community has shown during the rise of QE. We honestly have YOU to thank for the beautiful vibe that’s created when we all come together in one of our spaces. My favourite thing about Queer Edge is the people.”

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