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Updated: Feb 15

Welcome Queers (and allies) to our very first blog post! We never thought a one-off free event hosted by our founder, EJ, would turn into a monthly queer party (7 so far, each one more magical than the last), a queer CoWorking hub, merchandise, a business directory for queer-owned business, and now a blog - but here we are, half a year later and it’s all happening faster than a lesbian can take off all her rings.

Queer East was born from a place of wanting to look around and not see a particular “niche” of queerness - EJ wanted to create a place where every queer person felt comfortable to show up as themselves and be accepted as they are regardless of age,sexuality, gender or cool factor, all together in one space.

And that’s exactly what Queer East is. 

A safe queer haven with the canal at its feet - the venue is designed perfectly to facilitate the most amazing moments of human connection. From letting it all go on the dance floor to sharing lipstick (whatever way you prefer) in the non-gendered loos to chatting in the smoking area where it’s almost impossible to not be filled with whimsy as you look out at the canal and relish in the high of being surrounded with your people. 

We aim to make your first Friday of every month filled with as much queer joy as possible which is why we have made this event as financially accessible as possible- because we believe everyone should be able to be a part of it (even when balls deep in the cost of living crisis).

With a pay-what-you-can ticketing system, you can do just that - pay whatever you can afford even if that's just a quid- that way everybody can be a part of it, keeping inclusivity at the heart of what we do

Queer East's literal existence is to serve our community - which means we always put community first. So you know when you’re partying with us, you’re partying with people who really care about you and the LGBTQIA+ community. If you have any suggestions for local charities we can support, please feel free to DM or leave us a comment!

Whilst we’re (im)patiently waiting for the next Queer East party - Friday 2nd Feb, mark your gay lil calendars - let’s reminisce on past parties as we take a gander at the most chaotic/fun/queer/wholesome photo gallery you’ll ever set your eyes on. 

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